Why Oxymetholone so effective?

Oxymetholone effects (also known as Oxymetholone and Oxymetholone) – a synthetic anabolic steroid developed in 1960 by Syntex Pharmaceuticals. Initially, Oxymetholone developed as a drug for the treatment of osteoporosis and anemia (anemia), as well as to stimulate muscle growth in malnourished and debilitated patients. Oxymetholone was approved by the FDA for use in humans. Later it was created by non-steroidal drugs that effectively treat anemia and osteoporosis, due to which the popularity of Oxymetholone fell and by 1993 Syntex decided to stop production of the drug as well as many other manufacturers. However oxymetholone still remained in medicine, as new research has shown that Oxymetholone is effective in the treatment of HIV-infected patients.


Oxymetholone available in tablets of 50 mg and is one of the most powerful steroid available, at the same time, the drug can cause some side effects, characteristic of all anabolic steroids. Since 2013, it has been extended oxymetholone oil solution (50 mg / ml).


Full analogues

Trademarks oxymetholone:


  1. Oxymetholone from Syntex USA.
  2. Oxymetholone from Syntex UK, or from Turkey Ibrahim.
  3. Anasteron: 50 mg tab .; Syntex Greece or Sweden.
  4. Androlik by British Dispensary
  5. Dynasty: 50 mg tab .; Cilag Portugal.
  6. Gemodenin: 50 mg tab .; Syntex Brazil.
  7. Oxymetholone 50 mg tab .; Czechoslovakia.
  8. Oksimozona 50 mg tab .; Syntex Spain.
  9. Plenastril: 50 mg tab .; Gryunental Protohimi Austria.
  10. Sinasteron: 50 mg tab .; Zarva Belgium.

The steroid profile

  • Anabolic activity – 320% of testosterone
  • Androgenic activity – 45% of testosterone
  • Aromatization (conversion to estrogen) – no, but there may be side effects of progestin, similar to estrogen.
  • Toxicity to the liver – medium-high (comparable to methandrostenolone, is directly proportional to the dose of toxin)
  • A method of receiving – by mouth (tablets); It is extremely rare in an injection form.
  • Duration – 15 hours (half-life – 9 hours)
  • Detection time – up to 8 weeks

Oxymetholone Effects


oxymetholone side effectsSevere muscle growth (oxymetholone is considered one of the most effective steroids in bodybuilding for muscle set – up to 15 kg of muscle mass for 1 course after course of seen significant rollback phenomenon – up to 30% of the gain weight can be lost, as some weight gain is caused by an accumulation of liquid)

  • A significant increase in strength
  • Oxymetholone in a number of athletes eliminates joint pain, improves function (due to higher output of synovial fluid, caused partly by nature progestin). But this useful property is marked is not all athletes.
  • It reduces the sex hormone binding globulin – it makes the effect of other anabolic hormones (testosterone and private) in the combined use, a more pronounced and rapid.
  • increases the amount of red blood cells, increases stamina.
  • Studies [citation needed]
  • Section Author: Yuri BOMBEL


Enough for a long time it was thought that the majority of achieved using oxymetholone gain in weight falls on the share of water. At the same time, about the middle of the last decade, a professional body builders have begun to actively use oxymetholone in precompetitive preparation. Now his technique is not limited to only one or two days immediately before the start – “oxy” is actively used virtually throughout the period of preparation for a competition; wherein any excess water accumulation under the skin occurs. read more


Thoroughly understand that a oxymetholone is and what can be expected, decided to researchers from the University of Southern California from him. As subjects of the study were selected men aged 65-80 years – this choice is most clearly would be to emphasize the dignity of the study drug, if any, have been found, as well as eliminate the influence of external factors (in all subjects of the level of testosterone was below normal) exercise vacuum. Another important point: the subjects were not engaged in any training session (and thus was excluded one-sided factor). Protein intake was 1 g per kg of its own weight.


rate results: Those who took 50 mg per day oxymetholone, gained on average 3.3 kg for a total weight of 12 weeks. The increase in those who took 100 mg per day was 4.2 kg. The subjects did not take extra protein and not exercising.


This changed not only the total weight, but body composition. That is, not only the test gain weight, but also lose fat, particularly in the abdominal area, that is, actually increase the muscle tissue was even more pronounced. In the first group the mean adipose tissue loss was 2.6 kg and that of the second – 2.5 kg. It is interesting that in the abdominal region by representatives of the second group lost just significantly more (2.2 kg vs. 1.7 kg) without training.




  1. Oxymetholone can achieve significant increases of muscle mass. Moreover, these allowances can be obtained including those who do not train.
  2. Oxymetholone helps “burn” body fat; Best results can be obtained in the abdominal region. That is, the “oxy” can be used as a fat burning agent, those men who are experiencing problems with sgonki belly fat.
  3. Contrary to popular belief, oxymetholone does not have a significant impact on liver function.

The side effects of oxymetholone

17-alpha-alkyl group in the structure of the drug can bypass the liver without being destroyed, but it does Oxymetholone toxic to the liver. The study duration of 30 weeks have been conducted where subjects used Oxymetholone 50 mg per day. The result revealed various side effects, including liver.


The 2003 survey Schroeder subjects received a dose of 50 or 100 mg / day, with only one of the test for 12 weeks significantly improved continuous reception of ALT (alanine aminotransferase). But, as it turned out, it was associated with alcohol immediately prior to blood donation. Repeated analysis of ALT increase was found. All other subjects of ALT and AST increases slightly, but always remained within the normal range. Thus, the toxic effect on the liver is largely exaggerated. Most secure the dosage is 50 mg per day (or less).


It should also be noted that oxymetholone not converted into estrogen, may nevertheless often cause fluid accumulation in the body, gynecomastia, increase blood pressure and others. Note that has a relatively low oxymetholone progestin activity (compared with progestins: nandrolone and trenbolone). Therefore, in the extreme case it is recommended to use blockers prolactin


In some cases (when using large doses), the drug can cause diarrhea, impair appetite, cause mild nausea. Oxymetholone is less than most steroids suppresses the production of testosterone.


Oxymetholone course


  1. The course is suitable Oxymetholone men over 21 years for intensive recruitment of muscle mass.
  2. The duration of oxymetholone is 4 -6 weeks. Do not longer than 6 weeks of course, firstly because the greatest results observed during the first three weeks of the course, and secondly, because of the potential for liver toxicity.
  3. The maximum tolerated dose easily Oxymetholone – 100 mg per day. Firstly, because it has been proven that a greater increase in dosage does not lead to the best results. Second, the increased risk of side effects Oxymetholone. The optimal dose for beginners – 50 mg per day. At the same time there are a number of reception circuits, daily dosages which achieve, and 200 mg. Acceptance of the drug with a gradual increase in dosage is meaningful only in the case when there are concerns about its portability. Usually preparation reception occurs in a stable dosage of the first to the last day of the course. Gradual tapering of practice does not make sense.

Upon completion of the course is conducted PCT. Start taking testosterone boosters and estrogen blockers (clomiphene, torimefen, tamoxifen use is impossible, since it stimulates the progestin receptors) for 3-4 weeks, to restore natural testosterone.

To maximize the effectiveness of the course, take a complex of sports nutrition for muscle mass set and follow a diet for a set of muscle mass.

Be sure to consult a specialist before taking oxymetholone.

Combined courses


Oxymetholone well with certain injectable drugs, but do not combine it with the 17-alpha-alkylated steroids, since it will increase the burden on the liver. Oxymetholone often used for so-called “fast start” (anabolic effect begins to manifest itself very quickly), providing the very early stages of the course a significant increase in strength and body weight, while the other drugs in the stack gradually increase the concentration. The combination allows to achieve the best effect, due to the fact that oxymetholone reduces the concentration of sex hormone binding globulin, increasing the free fraction of other hormones, while it performs a synergist for a very large number of drugs. Given that Anapolon has a low affinity for androgen receptors [9] (bad contacts them) vysokoandrogennye other hormones can act to provide a full length through interaction with these receptors without competing with Anapolon.


For muscle mass set Oxymetholone is combined with testosterone, boldenone, Primobolan, but not with nandrolone and trenbolone, because it can lead to a more pronounced vozdestviem progestin. More info

To increase the power performance is most often used with various esters of testosterone. Very effective combination is the combination of Oxymetholone with a suspension of stanozolol, while athletes noted the rapid increase in strength. But it is necessary to take into account the high risk of injury of this combination, especially for people with chronic injuries.

For drying and oxymetholone relief hardly used due to its property to provoke a strong liquid retention.

Bodybuilders competitive level often use a one-time receipt of 100-250 mg of oxymetholone per day entering the scene. It gives fullness of the muscles of the athlete. pfizer testosterone cypionate for sale geneza pharmaceuticals buy buy geneza pharmaceuticals