Oxymetholone: The composition of the additive effect of the reception is accepted

Oxymetholone reviews – an innovative drug that increases the level of testosterone. Components of additives based on the most recent developments of BioTech USA, and are present in the ideal proportions, which makes the product very efficient. The development and high concentration of testosterone in the male body is a key factor for those who want to have large amounts of muscle. It is for this and was designed testosterone booster brutal Anadrol, which is very popular among bodybuilders. The basis of the composition of the booster are a variety of plants, which is why the drug is absorbed very well and do not bear any harm to the body.


Testosterone is the main hormone in males, without the muscle building process would have been impossible. BioTech Oxymetholone stimulates the production of natural testosterone levels, and a high concentration of this hormone leads to the following effects:


  • Rate increases muscle mass.
  • Increased power performance, endurance performance.
  • Athletes begin to recover faster after a power loads.
  • Testosterone booster has anti-catabolic effects.
  • Formulation Additive


An additive composition BioTech Oxymetholon eare various herbal extracts, the list of which you can see in the picture on the right. It is known extract Tribulus Terrestis, which is used in the most popular testosterone boosters, the extract is responsible for stimulating the production of testosterone. Also in the composition have plant extracts which inhibit the production of catabolic hormones. Read more


Other Components Additives also influence the synthesis of the principal male hormone and normalize digestion and beneficial effect on internal organs (particularly liver). As part of the Oxymetholon ethere are a set of creatine and guarana, which makes the workout more intense and affects muscle growth and strength.


How to take Oxymetholone


Oxymetholone reviews onlineHow to take Oxymetholone Professionalnye athletes and nutritionists recommend taking BioTech Oxymetholone 3 capsules per day, to the effect was maximal. It is best to take the drug between meals on days of rest and a half hour before the days of strength training loads. The additive should drink plenty of water. In individual cases, and the dosage can improve, but the manufacturer does not recommend taking more than 6 capsules a day. Also, there is a simple formula which find the required number of capsules – 1 capsule per 25-30 kg own weight, thus, for an athlete who weighs 80-90kg be sufficiently 3 capsules.


The manufacturer recommends taking Oxymetholone courses for 1 month. Then you have to make a 2-week break. Many experienced athletes are advised to take a testosterone booster, along with creatine, this combination has a very large effect on the growth of muscle mass and power indicators.


Reviews of Oxymetholone


Today in the world of bodybuilding testosterone boosters are very popular, and we have described the preparation takes the leading place in sales, as a result, a lot of athletes leave reviews about Oxymetholone on the discussion forums and online shopping sites. After analyzing the discussion of the drug in the network, we have come to the conclusion that most athletes appreciates this additive. Many athletes are beginning to feel the effect of taking 2-3 days after the start of the course, but there are those who talk about the immediate effect. More


Reviews from BioTech Oxymetholone showed that the drug is completely safe and does not bear any harm to health, but in rare cases may cause allergic reactions if you are hypersensitive to one of the components. Most of the athletes who took the testosterone booster, noted an increase in their libido. After the abolition of the drug does not come any rollback and testosterone levels returned to the level that was before the start of the course.