Oxymetholone – Pharmachologic effects

Oxymetholone effects:

Anabolic (enhancement agent for protein synthesis). It stimulates the production of erythropoietin (a stimulator of hematopoietic function of the spinal cord), activates hematopoiesis (blood). Use of the drug leads to increased hemoglobin synthesis.




Aplastic anemia (a decrease in red blood cells in the blood associated with a decrease in red blood cells); refractory (difficult to treat) anemia; myelosuppression (suppression of the bone marrow) as a result of treatment with cytostatics (substances that suppress cell division) or radiotherapy.



Mode of application:

Adults appoint 2-5 mg / kg body weight per day. Course duration – up to 6 months. Dose and duration of course be varied depending upon the therapeutic effect. In applying the drug in the complex treatment with cytostatic agents or radiation therapy, the maximum daily dose is 150 mg.

Drug treatment is preferably carried out under the control of blood coagulation. See more

Oxymetholone prescribed in combination with other drugs used to treat anemia.



Side effects:

Oxymetholone effects onlineHepatotoxicity (damaging effects on the liver), virilization (the appearance of male characteristics in women / deepening of voice, muscle development, and so on / under the influence of male sex hormones), nausea, vomiting, muscle cramps, vomiting, diarrhea; with concomitant anticoagulant (anti-clotting) therapy – bleeding.




Carcinoma (cancer) prostate carcinoma, breast cancer in men, nephrosis (kidney disease characterized by lesions of the renal tubules with the development of edema and the appearance of protein in the urine), nephrotic form of glomerulonephritis (chronic bilateral inflammation of the kidneys characterized by edema, the appearance of protein in the urine often low blood pressure), severe hepatic impairment, pregnancy, hypersensitivity to the drug. The drug is not prescribed to children.

The drug should not be used to build muscle due to serious side effects. More info here




Pills to 0.05 grams in a package of 100 pieces.



Storage conditions:

List B. In a dry, dark place.







Pharmacological group:

  • Hormones, their analogues and anti-hormonal drugs
  • Sex hormones
  • Androgens and their synthetic analogues
  • Anabolic steroid




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