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Oxymetholone description is by far the best of the existing oral drugs. In the 90s the drug sold on every street corner and had no small popularity among athletes, but today in Europe, only one company produces Iranian Oxymetholone Alhavi. Oxymetholone of all steroids are the most effective and efficient and this is its intense adrogennom action, which is not inferior to the activity of the anabolic effect. This characteristic of the drug is a huge increase in muscle mass in the shortest time. Oxymetholone is able to increase an athlete of 5-7 kg of muscle in just 14 days, and thus to bring the athlete massive form.

With all of this in the human body is a partial water retention and that is the main reason for the huge increase in muscle mass. For athletes with joint diseases the drug simply does not replace it, as when taking oxymetholone water collects in the joints, and it is somewhat lubricated. Also, when taking the drug increases the number of red blood cells and this is an increase of oxygen in the muscle tissue, whereby productivity is increased and the endurance athlete.

Anabolic Oxymetholone

Oxymetholone description onlineFor beginners athletes initial dosage should not exceed 50 mg per day. In the future, you can increase the dosage to 100 mg daily, and with a strong desire and up to 150 mg daily, but do not forget that the drug is not recommended to use more than 4-6 weeks, at a dose of 100-150 mg daily in 3 weeks can appear side effects. 4-6 weeks any athlete will add weight to 10 kilograms, and this is certainly good, but at the end of the course muscle mass quickly disappears, and because of this it is not necessary to continue to take Oxymetholone, and it is better to switch to another drug. To preserve muscle mass professional athletes combine Oxymetholone with drugs such as “Sustanon 250” or “Testosterone”. This allows for the end of the course to maintain muscle mass and strength. Oxymetholone is also recommended to use only those athletes who already have initial experience in the use of steroids lung. read more

Oxymetholone description is unfortunately alkulirovan (17 alpha), and because of this it is one of the most toxic steroid that eventually leads to serious health problems. Mainly drug is toxic to the liver and liver for prolonged use quite simply disintegrates, so during the course recommended passes examination of the liver, as well as the need to monitor the level of iron in the blood, as it primarily affects on the liver and kidneys. Women are not recommended to use the drug as it is for them a very strong and that is why women are at greater manifestation of side effects in the form of hair growth on the legs and face, loss of hair on the head, aggressive behavior and increase libido.

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It is not recommended to use the drug for older athletes since they increased the risk of the collapse of the liver and prostate cancer, as well as while taking the drug increases the deposition of cholesterol, which is extremely undesirable in the elderly. So I advise extreme caution to patients taking the drug for diabetics, as Oxymetholone can dramatically improve blood sugar levels. In the history of the drug have been cases of death with increasing dosages above the norm, and as there were cases of the disease of liver cancer.